About Us

Hazara Communication Cable Net (Pvt) Ltd. is a private Limited Company pioneered by well-known businessmen of the country which aims at providing IP Telephony, Broadband Internet and Cable TV . The proposed area of the operation licensed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is HTR region. The chief Executive of the company (Hazara Communication Cable Net (Pvt) Ltd) is also Managing Partner in the firm (Cable Net Works, Abbottabad) which is already operating and providing cable TV (CATV) services in Hazara Division for the last six years successfully.
Machinery (NGN Equipment) has been PURCHASED from Verso Clarent (USA). It is intended to merge the cable TV project into the company after acquiring the machinery and starting the project.

Our cable TV (CATV) network is in Abbottabad and Mansehra with thousands of subscribers and we are looking forward to extend our network to other two big cities of Hazara region i.e., Havelian and Haripur. Very recently the head-end of Mansehra was replaced by Abbottabad head-end, by connecting Mansehra with Abbottabad directly through optical fiber. Similarly we are going to connect Haveian with Haripur in near future. Other areas covered by us include Balakot, Ogi, Battagram, Shinkiari, Battal and many other cities through satellite. IP Telephone and Internet will be available to every resident of these cities.

Our range of services involves triple play facility i.e., CATV, PHONE AND INTERNET which will be provided on a single connection. The subscriber will have option to avail type of service according to his need.

A soft switch of Verso Clarent is the most sophisticated and top of line, state of art technology, and it will be installed very soon in Abbottabad. After the installation of this switch connection of PHONES will be provided, to other customers of Hazara region. Every customer of the region whether he lives in Kaghan valley, Balakot, Ogi or he is in Hattar or Haripur will be connected with each like on intercom. It will be extremely economical for them and they will pay only line rent and no other charges.